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Royal Mail Barcoding & PPI Labels Introduced October 2015
(The following information is NOT endorsed by Royal Mail, it has been drawn from our own dealings with RM & Our Customers)
(Last Updated : 18th February 2017)

Royal Mail have now introduced a RM24 & RM48 PPI Label with a 2D Barcode, this was from October 2015. Limited, has had several conversations with Royal Mail and our Customers,

and we have been informed by RM that IT IS NOT compulsory.  If the new system is not suitable for your

business, and how you work and process your Orders, then you DO NOT have to use the new system. You will

still be able to obtain all of your PPI Label Classes from us.


RM have performed hundreds of assessments with their OBA Customers, and the majority of

RM Account Holders have shown, that to implement the new system, would require them to employ

another part time person, to help process the orders via the Despatch Manager Online System.

The new system takes far longer to Book a Parcel via DMO than it does via OBA.

The effect of this, will be a significant reduction in the number

of Your Sales Orders being processed per day !! (Already Tried & Tested)


Logistically, the new system via DMO, does not work for us either, therefore we will not be switching over.


1st and 2nd Class PPI will be unaffected.


For further information on the 2D Barcodes with RM24 and RM48, please contact your

Royal Mail Account Manager, they will be able to clarify and verify the above information.


(Correct as of 18th February 2017 – the above information may be subject to change) - The UK's Leading Supplier of Royal Mail PPI Labels