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Withdrawal of Unbarcoded Parcel Products

Updated: 25th May 2021


FIRSTLY: 1st & 2nd Class Barcode PPI's (Business Account Mail Unsorted)

are not part of the withdrawal of RM24 & RM48 Services. If you use 1st & 2nd

Barcoded PPI's, then the following DOES NOT APPLY TO YOU. You can continue

as you are, without worry nor concern. You can now breathe a sigh of relief!


Namely, discontinuing RM24 & RM48 PPI’s that do not have a Barcode


RM are looking to move (migrate) everybody over to one of their

online “Shipping Solutions”, the most common of which some of you

may already know as “Click & Drop”.


Do you HAVE to change? (possibly not - please read on)


If you feel migrating to a new System is not for you, RM have provided a Webform

Link within their Email. You should complete and submit this by the 30 June 2021.

They will then contact you to discuss the options available.


If you can show that migrating to one of their Shipping Solutions will negatively or

adversely impact your Business or Despatch Operation, they may allow you to

either continue as you are, or provide a suitable solution. This has been the

case with previous service migrations and changes, with many Customers being

able to continue using OBA exactly as they have been in the past.


Some examples of negative impact could be:

       You’ll probably need to purchase an additional Printer

       You may not have the physical space to add another piece of equipment

       You’ll need to spend more time entering Buyer Details into another System

       Increased costs to pay a Third-Party Supplier, to help System Integration

       Potential disruptions to your Business due to New System Integration

       Moving to a New System, significantly reduces your Operational Efficiency

       Multi Purchase Buyers, may not be Consolidated into a Single Despatch

       (e.g. If a Buyer makes 3 separate orders, you'll pay for 3 x Postage Costs)


What will you need to do if you make the switch?


   You may need to buy a Thermal Label Printer, to enable you to

   print the Postage Labels.


   Printer costs could range from £75-£120 for a Used Printer, and

   around £300 for New Printer.


   RM currently supply the Labels free of charge, but for how long,

   nobody knows. RM can take from a few days to a couple of weeks

   to get the label stocks to you. You’ll be wise to pre-order in advance.


   You will need to manually enter the Recipients Name, Address,

   Email & Telephone Number into the Online System – the details can

   be saved for later retrieval.


   If you are a high-volume seller, you can probably integrate your

   Selling Platforms to one of the Shipping Solutions, therefore removing

   the manual input element of using the System. This may be chargeable.


What should you do now?


   Follow the links provided in the Email from RM, and take a look

   at how each of the different Systems Function. Assess how you

   and your Business could benefit from migrating to a New System.


   Perhaps consider the following:

      Will the new System reduce your processing time?

      Will it save you time and money?

      How much additional training will you and your staff require?

      Can the System function when the Internet isn’t working?

      How does the Backup System work if the RM Website is down?

      Can you physically fit additional equipment into your workspace?


Please Note: There is no RM24/48 PPI Barcode Label available

on OBA. You can still use SU1 and RM24\48 Unbarcoded Labels,

and if RM remove the code, ask them to re-instate it for you.


We hope you find the above information helpful and unbiased.


For more information, you must contact Royal Mail, as they are

far more knowledgeable about their Services than we are .......